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Whoops, I need to read for content more carefully – I glossed over your mention of the Kroger when I posted my earlier question about Piggly Wiggly being the first supermarket in the area. Now that you mention it, I do recall the Kroger and the Piggly Wiggly coexisting at the same time, but my memory’s obviously a bit fuzzy as I was only two years old when the Kroger was built. Another challenge has been increased flooding along Halls Bayou, despite several drainage “improvements” in the area. In 2001, Tropical Storm Allison innundated Northline Terrace, causing many homes along Halls Bayou to flood from Beaver Bend to Rainy River. For example, searching “Empire State Building” on Google and Yahoo will both quickly return the official building link and the Wikipedia article as the first and second search results, respectively.

  • It renders directions retrieved in the form of a DirectionsResult object retrieved from the DirectionsService.
  • Bring your vehicle to life with Connected Navigation, in-vehicle apps and entertainment, Wi-FiВ® and more.
  • After clicking on the save option your key is now restricted.
  • Ten minutes east of Anna Maria Island on the Cortez Road, you’ll find the historic fishing village of Cortez.

In fact, the wristwatch’s resurgence may already be underway, at least in some geek circles. From the main parking lot , begin hiking west on Crags Road into Malibu Creek State Park. After 0.2 miles, Grassland Trail joins Crags Road from the right. This is an alternate approach to the park, beginning from a trailhead along Mulholland Drive . Meet “Project Gem,” a tall, ultra-skinny smartphone with an aspect ratio approaching that of a TV remote. It looks like what would happen if you took a normal smartphone and cut it in half vertically.

Pasco Officials Say Fire Hazards, Structural Concerns Must Be Addressed At Snowcat Ridge

It’s such an obvious ad-selling feature, I’m surprised they don’t. I mean, when you’re planning your trip, it can suggest stop points based on ad sales. Perhaps there’s a business having a lunch special, well, I’m sure Google will make sure to plan you a stop point right there. What gets me is why doesn’t google or bing maps have an offline mode? It integrated into the rest of their software package so that addresses and route planning could be done easy. I have yet to see anyone really using the map services Microsoft offers as primary source.

Like many other system errors, you can also fix “iPhone 13 won’t connect to Bluetooth” by simply restarting the device. To do this, press the “Power” button and swipe the “Power Slider” right to turn off your device. After seconds, press the Power button again to boot up the device.

In recent days, Russian troops appear to have made significant gains in the center of the city, where the theater is, military analysts say. But Ukrainian forces say they are still holding other neighborhoods. The photos provide one of the clearest depictions yet of the destruction of the building, which had horrified the international community. Russian soldiers allowed news photographers to accompany them as they patrolled the ruins of a theater in Mariupol where hundreds of civilians are believed to have been killed last month in a Russian airstrike. The people were using the theater as a bomb shelter. The report covers the past year and thus does not include details about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February.

Web Service APIs

Sheets API helps users to read, write, format data and also create chats in Google Sheets. YouTube APIs provide access to YouTube data – videos, playlists, channels. They also retrieve the analytics data, schedule reporting jobs containing it and download the resting bulk data reports from the CSV files. Today we are going to discuss how to use it and get an API key.

This IS includes security measures (e.g., authentication and access controls) to protect USG interests–not for your personal benefit or privacy. Yelp users haven’t asked any questions yet about Benchmark Autoworks. Parametersquery – The 3-word address you wish to geocode. Candidates – An integer between 1 and 10 indicating the max number of candidate addresses to return if a valid address could be found. Zoom – Level of detail required for the address, an integer in range from 0 to 18 , default is 18.

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