Faster and more accurate transcription powered by AI

Transcripts back to you in minutes (ASR drafts) or at maximum 24 hours (ASR drafts edited by humans) - not DAYS.

The easyDICTATE AI challenge

Don’t take our word for it – Go ahead and do this simple test. Dictate an audio file of a few minutes length and upload it to any of our Automated Speech Recognition competitors (using their Free Trial offer) and do the same with us. Get the drafts back and analyze and compare the accuracy of the content. We are confident we will win hands down. And if that weren’t enough compare our prices also with theirs. Need more? Ask them to match our turnaround time (TAT).

Think of easyDICTATE as the David who slew the Goliaths of the ASR world with the sword of accuracy!

why people prefer easyDICTATE?

Perfect for busy and active professionals

easyDICTATE is an exclusive dictation app that helps physicians, attorneys, and other professionals from varied fields with easy dictation and efficient transcription services. It relieves you from having to spend precious time on your computers for documenting your crucial information.

You can avail quick and secure dictation and transcription solutions when you are away from your desk – even while on the go!

Want to try our cutting edge speech-to-text technology?
With our free 5-minute trial offer you can
  • Use our easyDictate app to record your audio.
  • Upload your audio file (recorded through your own device) through our portal. (All audio formats accepted).


easyDICTATE is a simple and efficient app for recording/dictating user audio, designed and developed by easyDICTATE.

This innovative mobile dictation app provides an exclusive platform for registered customers of easyDICTATE to record their dictation for efficient transcription.


Added Features

For ASR drafts edited by humans we offer added features at no extra cost.
  • We will use your own template/s.
  • The AI of our ASR engine can insert any side headings wherever you want them (that’s why our RPA bot builds personalized models for each speaker).
    For example: You dictate ”Blood pressure is” and you want your transcript to look like
    PHYSICAL EXAMINATION: Blood pressure is
  • We offer any other customization of content that you may require.
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